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Antibiotics – Great Stuff, Use With Caution

Here’s a really great article, a quick read, about how antibiotics are being used more than twice as often as they should be.  We may be biassed, but we believe pediatricians in general are generally very cautious with antibiotics, doing our best to educate families about the cause of infections and treating only when we [...]

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What might seem minor to a pediatrician can feel very much like an emergency to a parent. Here are some guidelines that might help you decide if you need to call after-hours or if you can wait until morning.



We provide you with resources to inform you on a variety of health topics. If you are looking for more information on the flu or other common childhood ailments, we can help.



Do you have separate waiting rooms for sick and well patients? If my child needs to be hospitalized, who will be their doctor?


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