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After Hours

You can notify us after-the-fact, but please do not delay emergency care to call us.

Again, notify us after-the-fact so we can help you in follow-up, but please call Poison Control FIRST.

During normal business hours we have a team of a nurse and medical assistants who are dedicated to your phone calls. We realize, however, that children do get sick when the office is closed, so we have thoughtfully chosen services to help you care for your children when they are acutely ill. You do not need to call any special number to reach our after-hour services. Please call our normal office number and follow the prompts for “medical advice” and you will be automatically routed to our after-hours services.

Saturday Clinic

Saturday Morning Clinic is available for urgent concerns at 8am. We see up to 20 children per session, and they are seen on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  We ask that you use these appointments for acute illnesses only, and not for behavioral or chronic concerns. You can stop by the clinic any time after 7:30 am to “sign in” for a specific appointment time and then show up with your child at the appointed time.  Saturday clinic is always in Suite 240 (turn right off the elevator).

How to Call After Hours

If you need medical advice during typical work days, one of our physicians will return your call until 10 pm.  A call service will take down your information and page the physician on call.  You should have a returned call within 30 minutes.  After 10 pm, calls are sent to Night Nurse, where a Pediatric RN will take your call.  These nurses follow protocols we have approved, but will call us if they aren’t sure what to advise.  On weekends and holidays, the on-call physician will be paged from 8 am – 10 pm.  Night Nurse will take over after 10 pm.  All after-hours calls are subject to $20 fee.  The fee is intended to cover our costs, but not discourage you from calling if you are concerned about a sick child.  We welcome and expect your call if you are concerned.

When do I call?
It is most important to answer this question for yourself. What might seem minor to a pediatrician can feel very much like an emergency to a parent. We certainly understand this. If you are very concerned about your child, or will not be able to rest comfortably without getting some additional advice, we expect you to call. Here are some guidelines that might help you decide if you need to call after-hours or if you can wait until morning.

Please call us after-hours if:

  • You feel uncomfortable with your child’s condition and do not feel it can wait until the next day
  • Your infant (< 3months of age) has a fever greater than 100.4 (rectally). This is considered a life-threatening emergency.
  • There has been a serious accident or emergency
  • Severe breathing difficulties (working hard to breathe, severe chest pain, persistent wheezing, pale skin)
  • Sharp abdominal pain lasting more than 2 hrs
  • Bleeding that you cannot stop
  • Vomiting that seems persistent or if there are signs of dehydration (decreased urine output, listlessness, intolerance to sips of clear fluid after a short period of tummy rest, approximately 2-4 hrs)
  • You think your child needs to be seen in an Emergency Room or Urgent Care, but aren’t sure what the best choice would be.  We would be very happy to help you make that decision.   Please note: for all infants under 4-6 months of age, or any child who will need to be admitted overnight to the hospital, we will refer you to Dell Children’s Hospital (see map).