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All providers see well children as well as sick children every day. We try to cluster well child exams together to minimize exposure of well children to illness in the clinic. We keep appointments open for acutely ill children on a same-day basis. Newborns have priority appointments set aside for hospital follow-up, and if not needed, we convert them to sick visits as necessary. You will find below a description of some of the appointments we offer. If you don’t see an appointment that fits your needs, let us know!

Well Child Care
We consider well-child care the cornerstone of Pediatrics. At well child visits, we can follow your child’s growth, update their preventive care including immunizations, monitor their development and discuss any behavioral concerns that you may have. We do our very best to make sure you see your doctor for every well child visit, as this provides the very best continuity of care. These visits are approximately double the length of time as a sick visit, because we want to provide you with guidance about what to expect in the coming months as well. We encourage you to keep a running list of questions you might have about your child and ask them at this time. It’s a good time to cover development, temperament, diet, growth and behavior.

We also use the well child exam to screen for chronic medical problems such as obesity, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. Early intervention for these concerns may make a huge difference in the lifetime health of your child. Academic and learning concerns are also addressed, as well as concerns that you may have about your child’s social development and overall well-being.

Well child visits are booked well in advance, and we suggest you call ahead for these appointments as early as possible, at least a month in advance. For babies going through their frequent well child schedule, we suggest you schedule your next appointment as you leave the current one, so you can have the most convenient time for you possible.

Age Vaccines Given Any other procedures
3-5 days None Jaundice check if needed
2 weeks None Newborn Metabolic Screening (heel poke for blood)
1 month2 months Scheduled as needed; no vaccines typically givenPediarix, HIB, Prevnar, Rotavirus Nutritional Assessment
Developmental Assessment
4 months Pediarix, HIB, Prevnar, Rotavirus Developmental Assessment
6 months Pediarix, Prevnar Developmental Assessment
9 months None Anemia check (finger poke)
12, 15 & 18 months Hep A (2 doses), HIB, Prevnar, DTaP, MMR & Varicella are divided between these 3 visits Developmental Assessment
2 years Catch up doses only Developmental Assessment
2 1/2 yearsannually Scheduled as needed; no vaccines typically givenGenerally ages 4 and 11 years Development & Behavioral AssessmentVision, Hearing & Developmental Assessment

Sick Visits/Acute Concerns
We make every effort to have adequate sick visits available every day. Occasionally these appointments fill more quickly than we can anticipate, especially during peak illness times, which are a little unpredictable. When this does happen, we have three choices: we can give you medical advice and see your child as early as possible the next day, try to “work in” your child to our schedule, or refer you to Urgent Care/Emergency Room. A “work in” means we can overbook the schedule and see your child between other scheduled patients. Typically the wait is a little longer, but often worthwhile so your child can see your doctor instead of someone who doesn’t know them as well. We try to schedule even all sick visits with your chosen physician, but if your physician’s schedule is full, you will be offered an appointment with one of the other physicians or our nurse practitioner.

Emergency & Urgent Care
We do not typically provide emergency care, but usually will need to direct you to the appropriate emergency department for concerns that are truly emergent in nature. On the other hand, we will make every attempt to provide all types of urgent care for your child during our normal office hours. This includes evaluation of lacerations and fractures, etc. Please call us first before coming in and set up an appointment so that we can consider if our clinic is the best place for your child’s specific problem.

Sports/Camp Physicals
If your child has had their well child exam in the last 12 months, generally you will NOT need a separate visit to complete camp or school forms. We feel strongly that a quick exam to clear an athlete for sports is a poor substitute for a visit to discuss their overall wellness, social and academic functioning. In a pinch, if we can’t accommodate a full physical exam in time for your camp/athletic deadline, scheduling a sports or camp physical can get your child cleared and forms filled out until we can set up a more thorough exam. During peak seasons (usually May, June and August) we will block some time specifically for these appointments.  Some school districts require a physical to be done on or after April 15th or April 30th to be valid for the following school year.  Some parents have then chosen to have a sports physical after the deadline, but then schedule next year’s well child exam on or after that required date.  We schedule these with the first physician or nurse practitioner available, not necessarily with your primary physician. We do not bill insurance for sports/camp physicals, and charge a flat $50 fee.  Your child’s full Well Child Exam is generally covered 100% by insurance, and it’s just a better option if the schedule works out.

Behavioral Concerns/ADHD
Sometimes an annual well child exam allows insufficient time to adequately cover significant behavioral concerns. We also need a longer appointment to discuss any concerns that you may have about your child having ADHD or Learning Disabilities/Differences or significant developmental delays. We also commonly have parents concerned about difficult parenting questions. Sometimes a separate appointment to discuss those issues is necessary.

Often parents are concerned about speaking frankly in front of their child until things are sorted out, so they want to have a private visit without the child. We really understand that concern.  Unfortunately, insurance regulations require that your child be present for these visits or we cannot bill your insurance for the visit. If you prefer to speak privately, your child can hang out in the waiting room (with a caregiver if your child is too young or unable to wait alone responsibly). If you would simply prefer to have a private visit without your child, we just won’t bill your insurance and charge a flat $100 fee for a 20 minute visit.

Nurse Visits
Your child might need a weight check, jaundice check or vaccines in between regular doctor visits. For these times, we have time set aside to see our nursing staff. Most preventive care is not subject to copay, so we don’t collect a copayment for nurse visits up front. If your insurance company applies a copayment, we’ll bill you later for that.

Ear Piercing
We would be happy to provide this service in our office in conjunction with your child’s well child exam – just let us know in advance that you would like to add this on and we’ll get everything ready. If you would like to have numbing cream applied before the procedure, please come at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time. Just FYI, we pierce ear lobes only!