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Billing FAQs

How can I obtain a copy of my bill?

You may obtain a copy of your itemized statement by calling the Billing Department at (512) 288-9669

Who is responsible for paying the bill?

The portion you pay is determined by your insurance plan

  • SPA bills directly to the insurance company
  • Your insurance company will process the claim and sends SPA and the policy holder an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • The EOB itemizes charges and distribution of payments.
    • If the EOB determines a portion is patient responsibility, SPA will generate a statement and send to the patient address on file.
  • Patients without insurance are expected to pay their accounts at the time of service.  Patients without insurance are eligible for a self-pay discount. A written policy on Uninsured or Self-Pay Patients is available upon request.
  • Patients with medical insurance are responsible for all co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance at the time of service.
    • Deductibles and co-insurance are determined by your insurance company based on your specific plan or policy.
    • Questions regarding a deductible or insurance amount should be addressed with Member Services at your insurance company.

What insurance does Southwest Pediatrics accept?

Click here for the full list of insurance that we accept.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Once your insurance company has processed their payment to SPA, the remaining balance is due upon receipt of statement. You have 90 days from the time your insurance deems the balance patient responsibility to pay the bill in full.

Can SPA split the bill between two parents?

We will send the bill to the guarantor we have one file.  If you wish to split the bill, we encourage you to call in with payment or pay online at www.swpedi.com.  Be sure to note the account the payment should be applied towards.  Ultimately, we consider the guarantor we have on file to be responsible for any balances.

What is Coordination of Benefits (COB) and why is it important?

COB was established for those patients who have two or more health insurance policies. Coordination of Benefits is to help two or more insurance carriers coordinate their respective benefits so the total benefit paid does not exceed 100% of the total allowed expenses.  It is important to contact each insurance company if there any changes to your coverage.  You may receive a COB questionnaire yearly from your insurance companies to keep them up to date on your active coverage.  Failure to update COB information can cause delay in claim payment and also result in you being responsible for the claim.