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Flu Season

By swpedi on August 30, 2015 in Blog What's New with No Comments

Flu Season

Some things are inevitable.  Death & taxes.  You brag that your kids haven’t been sick in a while…..and then they are instantly sick.  And, of course, flu season.  Another discouraging tidbit this year is that we will not be using the nasal flu vaccine (FluMist) because it has lost its recommendation due to 2 years of miserable protection.  What that means is that everybody who needs a flu vaccine will need to get a shot.  We have a limited initial supply of vaccines right now and are already vaccinating high risk patients (babies under 2, siblings of babies under 6 mos & kids with high risk health conditions such as asthma).  We should have a good supply by mid September & will start our flu shot clinics at that time.  Hang in there & we’ll keep you posted.

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