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Helpful Links

American Academy of Pediatricshttp://www.aap.org

Our primary source for information on all things Pediatric – the AAP has nearly a century of experience guiding parents and physicians on the best care of children. The AAP continues to be a reliable source for evidence-based medical information, guidelines for best practices, but you will be pleased to find lots of great information just for you. The AAP has recently added a really great section on immunizations so that you can hopefully wade through some of the frightening information you may be receiving from the media and worried friends, to arm yourself with the latest and most reliable information about this controversial subject.



Healthy Children – www.healthychildren.org

A page powered by the AAP but specifically FOR PARENTS.  There are links to fantastic parenting apps, information on nutrition, behavior and development as well as how to troubleshoot your child’s illness.  This page is loaded with great information from prenatal care to transitioning to the adult world, and written to be easily understood by parents – not just technical, journalese.  The information is based on the most recently published data, however, with guidelines carefully constructed by the AAP – real pediatricians doing the real work of research as well as direct patient care.  We find that it is mostly free of bias, and we think it’s a great first source of information for parents.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC twenty four seven. Saving Lives, Protecting People

Travel Healthhttp://www.cdc.gov/travel

So many of our patients travel internationally, and we find this website absolutely invaluable to guide us and our families with what to consider before travel. Great information is available on immunizations and medications to consider before travel, as well as great information on staying safe wherever you go.

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Hill Country OB/GYN – www.hillcountryobgyn.com

We confidently recommend all the physicians at Hill Country OB/Gyn associates. We have had the pleasure of sharing patients with the Hill Country doctors for nearly 2 decades – from freshly delivered newborns to our adolescent girls who are now their patients as they move into adulthood.

Mom’s Place – Lactation Support Center – http://www.austintexas.gov/department/moms-place

Free (grant-funded) lactation support for your entire breastfeeding experience.

 Special Addition of Austin

Special Addition – https://specialadditionofaustin.com/

Excellent breastfeeding support, supplies and excellent classes to prepare yourself physically, practically & emotionally for your breastfeeding experience.

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Mother’s Milk Bank – https://www.milkbank.org/

Many of our mothers have an excellent milk supply and when they have a little excess in their freezer stash, they can choose to donate their milk to extremely vulnerable babies in Neonatal Intensive Units all over Central Texas.  We applaud their willingness to share this most valuable and unique human food!