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Information on Torticollis Stretches

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Latest Information on Autism and Vaccines:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement that should be very helpful to parents. We believe strongly that vaccines are extremely safe and have been a public health miracle, saving millions of lives since vaccination began. However, we understand that parents are bombarded with information that is frightening and confusing. Please note the following link and read the statements carefully. We hope this will provide you with the information you need to make an effective and informed decision to vaccinate your child.





American Academy of Pediatricshttp://www.aap.org

Our primary source for information on all things Pediatric – the AAP has nearly a century of experience guiding parents and physicians on the best care of children. The AAP continues to be a reliable source for evidence-based medical information, guidelines for best practices, but you will be pleased to find lots of great information just for you. The AAP has recently added a really great section on immunizations so that you can hopefully wade through some of the frightening information you may be receiving from the media and worried friends, to arm yourself with the latest and most reliable information about this controversial subject.

Kids Home Pagehttp://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/kids/

This page is an extension of a good page for you too: www.fda.gov is for you with the latest information on the latest from the Federal Drug Administration – including rationale for drug recalls, precautions and research alike.

The kids’ home page has a variety of games and activities to broaden your child’s understanding of medicine, his or her body, nutrition, prevention of infection and disease. Recommended for children in late elementary ages on up. They are actually fun and educational for adults too.


Feeding your children in a healthy way is often very challenging and frustrating. This website helps you fill in the gaps on the latest nutrition information. The food pyramid has changed to reflect a more individualized approach to each age and activity level. You can also navigate to a really fun game older kids (age 6+) will enjoy loading up on the proper fuel to get their ship to take off. Lots of fun

Travel Healthhttp://www.cdc.gov/travel

So many of our patients travel internationally, and we find this website absolutely invaluable to guide us and our families with what to consider before travel. Great information is available on immunizations and medications to consider before travel, as well as great information on staying safe wherever you go.

Parenting with Purpose

We first met Dr. Stiernberg as a mother to one of our patients, but we are now pleased to tap into her long experience and expertise as an educator and parent coach. She has developed classes for parents of all ages to help you develop a deeper and richer parenting relationship with your child, as you seek to develop them as a whole child. She provides individual parent coaching sessions as well as group education sessions to provide you with the information you need to help navigate the difficult and challenging stages of your child’s development.

Parenting with Purpose Next Class: http://www.parenting-with-purpose.net/uncategorized/ready-for-kindergarten-june-23-or-july-28/

Hill Country OB/GYN

We confidently recommend all the physicians at Hill Country OB/Gyn associates. We have had the pleasure of sharing patients with the Hill Country doctors at Seton Southwest Hospital – they take good care of the mother and we take good care of the babies.

Donna Cordoba, RN LC – Lactation Consultant

Clearly breastfeeding is our preference, and when you need a little extra help, a Lactaction Consultant can help you turn things around and boost your confdence immensely. We wish you the best of luck with your breastfeeding relationships & welcome any questions you might have about this subject. Sometimes breastfeeding is more difficult that we anticipate, and we would love for you to get the personalized help you need to form a positive breastfeeding experience with your baby. We have worked with Donna Cordoba, RN for many years at Seton SW Hospital and can highly recommend her as a breastfeeding consultant. She has started private consulting once again and contact information is listed below.