I have stumbled on a tool kit that I find pretty helpful – I think it’s worth sharing.   I am always very cautious about suggesting materials put out by pharmaceutical companies.  We all ought to be a cautious about hidden agendas, but this one seems to be pretty good.  I especially like the section on “Tools You Can Use” on the parent/caregiver tab – printable strategies for essays, contracts for short term goals/rewards.  The website is as free from commercial bias as I have ever seen from a drug company.

Most parents of kids with ADHD know that t’s not all about medication.  They are almost never looking for a quick fix, but giving a dose of medication to a child with a focus problem may be easiest thing parents of ADHD kids do all day.  The hard work parents have to do involves creativity, persistence and flexibility, negotiation, discipline, grace and patience.   That’s a lot to ask of parents!  Kids with ADHD are truly special-needs kids.   It’s a long term commitment to help them compensate for areas of weakness (inattention, poor organization, impulsivity, distraction).   I really liked some of the information held on this site, and suggest that parents dig in and open up the tool box for inspiration and goal setting for this coming year.