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Vaccine Information Statements

Below you will find direct links to specific handouts from the US Centers for Disease Control for each vaccine your child may receive in our office.  These sheets are updated when new information is released and are kept as current as possible.  You will find information on the disease we are trying to prevent, the risks and benefits of the vaccines, types of potential reactions and how to get more information if you would like it.  Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have about vaccinations in general, or about specific vaccines that we recommend for your child.

DtaP (05/17/2007)

Hepatitis A (10/25/11)

Hepatitis B (02/02/12)

HIB (02/04/2014)

HPV Gardasil (05/17/13)

Influenza Injection (07/26/13)

Influenza Intranasal (07/26/13)

MMR (04/20/12)

MMRV (05/21/10)

Meningococcal (10/14/11)

Pneumococcal (02/27/13)

Polio (11/08/11)

Rotavirus (08/26/13)

Tdap (05/09/13)

Varicella (03/13/08)