COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing is available!

We perform Rapid (antigen) testing Monday-Friday at 3 pm, and have results available by close of business, same day.  We offer this test to the general public and family members of our patients for $99 (self-pay), and bill the cost to insurance for existing patients with insurance.  PCR testing is available for patients only, and we generally receive these results from the lab within 24-36 hrs.  Our staff provides this service in a convenient, safe drive-thru process outside our building, and as-needed during in-person doctor visits.

Sometimes it requires a doctor’s visit to determine IF, WHEN, and WHAT TYPE of testing is necessary.  For travel or pre-operative clearance, we do not require a visit, but for anyone with symptoms, underlying health conditions, or if discussion about when to be released from quarantine is necessary, we will require a telemedicine visit to work through those details.

For more information about testing, check THIS out.

Call us at (512) 288-9669 to schedule an appointment!


To schedule a Rapid COVID-19 Test, call our office at (512) 288-9669.

The time-frame of results may vary based on the type of test. We will give you the approximate time-frame when the test is administered. General time-frames:

Rapid COVID-19 Test: Results are generally provided the same day or next day.

PCR Test: Because this test will be sent out, results can take up to 3-5 business days.

Yes. The test will cost $99. Call us at (512) 288-9669 to schedule an Rapid COVID-19 test or any other questions.