We are your child’s medical home

Pediatrics is more than check ups and occasional ear infections. We aim to care for you and your child in a comfortable, familiar setting, even for things that are often considered “specialist” care. We provide comprehensive care from birth to graduation for what you child needs, inviting subspecialists onto the team when necessary. At Southwest Pediatrics, we have developed a wide variety of services to allow you to get “specialty care” in your child’s primary care medical home.

Our office provides these additional services aimed to care for your child more completely:

You can notify us after-the-fact, but please do not delay emergency care to call us.

Again, notify us after-the-fact so we can help you in follow-up, but please call Poison Control FIRST.

Extended Hours

During normal business hours we have a team of a nurse and medical assistants who are dedicated to your phone calls. We realize, however, that children do get sick when the office is closed, so we have thoughtfully chosen services to help you care for your children when they are acutely ill. You do not need to call any special number to reach our after-hour services. Please call our normal office number and follow the prompts for “medical advice” and you will be automatically routed to our after-hours services.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Most cases of acne do not need management by a dermatologist.  Our Pediatricians are trained to care for most common skin conditions, including acne.  The majority of acne medications, except for oral/topical antibiotics, are now over-the-counter and we can help you develop a regimen that makes sense and is cost effective.   If acne is severe or has a high likelihood of scarring, we will make a referral for more intensive treatment, such as Accutane.

ADHD Evaluation & Medication Management

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder affects about 1 in 10 kids.  We are committed to meeting the needs of kids and families affected by ADHD as much as possible in our office.  All of our doctors are very comfortable doing initial evaluations and initiating treatment as needed without referring to a neurologist or psychiatrist.  ADHD is diagnosed clinically, meaning there are not specific “tests” that confirm the diagnosis.  Instead, we obtain feedback from parents and teachers and take a lot of history; if a diagnosis is made, we then carefully consider if medical treatment would be beneficial.  Whether or not medical treatment is chosen, we always focus on behavioral intervention, academic and emotional supports.

Allergy (Skin) Testing

Let’s face it: Allergies and Austin just go hand-in-hand.  Allergies to cedar, pollens and molds are very common and can really reduce our quality of life.  Parents also often find it challenging to differentiate colds from allergies, because symptoms are quite similar.  Allergy testing can help tell the difference and gives us useful information as to how to reduce the symptoms going forward.

We worked with a local allergist to develop our skin testing program, so we use the identical procedure and technology.  We can test for seasonal and food allergies for children 5 years and up.  Once we find out if and what allergies are present, we can determine if allergy medication or a referral for immunotherapy (allergy shots/drops from an allergist) are appropriate for your child.

Asthma Care Clinic

Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood.  Pediatricians are well trained to care for almost all cases of asthma.  We have the technology and experience to track and manage mild and moderate cases.  We ask for help with more severe cases from our Pediatric Pulmonology colleagues.  We have the ability and skill to perform and analyze Spirometry and teach you all you need to know to help manage your child’s asthma at home.  Our goal is for kids with asthma to do everything they want to every single day.  Asthma is common, manageable and almost always gets better with time and good care.

Behavioral & Developmental Concerns

Pediatricians are trained and comfortable addressing many behavioral concerns that parents have.  We aggressively screen for developmental delays and atypical social development from a very early age because we value early intervention.  Parents need and deserve support, coaching and great tools to handle difficult behavior, but above all, they deserve to be believed and validated when they have concerns.


Choosing to circumcise or choosing to not circumcise is a very personal decision and less so a medical one.  In the end, we support whichever choice you make without judgment or preference. If you choose to circumcise your son, we recommend it is performed in the hospital if at all possible; it is easier on the baby and easier on you. If this is not feasible, however, we can perform a circumcision in our office within the first 2 weeks of life. If a circumcision is needed, please inform the staff when you call to make the first appointment. We will set up a first visit to examine the baby & make sure things are going well. We can discuss the circumcision procedure, risks/ benefits and then set up a circumcision appointment within the next few days.

Lactation Consultation

Southwest Pediatrics is committed to your breastfeeding success and to help you reach your goals for a happy, fulfilling breastfeeding experience for you both. All of our providers are experienced with troubleshooting breastfeeding problems. When you need a little more help and support, we can also provide you with hands-on help as needed. We provide lactation and weight-check visits to check pre & post-feeding weights, problem solve and work through challenges. If formal Lactation Consultation services are needed, we can make that referral as well.

Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health Issues

Unfortunately, kids face challenges with mental health issues and it can be tough on families. We start asking screening questions about mental health concerns early and often. We get to know your child’s temperament and follow their social and emotional development often. We take into consideration family history, family dynamics and other factors that increase vulnerability to depression and anxiety such as bullying and learning difficulties. When kids show signs of depression, we intervene early with mental health support, parent coaching and medication management as needed. As founding members of Austin Health Partners, we are collaborating on a Behavioral Health Initiative that will help us provide much more mental health and behavioral support services IN our clinics, because that’s your child’s medical home.