Our Office

Our office is a place where your child can feel comfortable

Our office is divided into 2 main suites – you’ll turn left off the elevator to see some of our providers and to the right to see others.  The doors are well marked.  We want our office to be safe, clean, bright, friendly and welcoming.

Waiting Areas

First of all, our goal is to not have you spend a lot of time here. Each waiting area is divided into 2 sections: one primarily for sick children and the other primarily for well children with a little more room to roam. Because of COVID19, we have removed the ride-on toys from the play areas to reduce the risk of spread infection. Our furniture is very simple, non-upholstered, easy to clean, and cleaned thoroughly daily. Another option for families concerned about infection is to simply call us when you arrive, and we’ll call you when your staff is actually ready to check you in. Almost all of your check-in process can be completed via your mobile phone.

Exam Rooms

Our exam rooms are simple, bright, and clean. We consciously avoid toys to reduce the spread of germs, but we have now removed books as well with the advent of COVID19. Please feel free to bring your own toys, books, or tablets to play with. We do not mind if your child has a snack while they wait.

Office Feel

As you walk the halls, you’ll see photos of our patients that parents have shared with us, and artwork that kids bring in.  It is so fun when a child sees his or her picture on the wall and realizes that we value them like family!

When your appointment ends, our staff will offer your child a sticker and a sugar-free lollipop if age appropriate.  We have often considered a switch in these prizes because we crave a little variety, but we have been told quite clearly that these are the treats of choice!  We find variety in the types of stickers we offer & the staff loves keeping up with the latest trends with stickers.

Many of our staff have been with us for many years – some as many as 15 years!

Everybody at Southwest Pediatrics is invested in making your experience as pleasant as possible, demonstrating kindness, professionalism and skill.  If we ever fail to meet your expectations, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it right.