Why Choose Us

Why Choose Southwest Pediatric Associates?

We can think of a lot of reasons you might choose Southwest Pediatrics, but here are a few:

You’re Home Here

We want to get to know you and your family, because that’s how we make the best decisions together. We take into consideration your parenting style, your family history and what makes your kid tick.  Our goals are to receive you with a warm hello, provide highly personalized care and for your child to feel that they are special, important and valued by every member of our team.


We want to be your partner as you take on the challenge of parenting.  Parenting is emotionally and physically demanding and you need a partner who will listen to you, give you the information you need to keep your child healthy and safe, and encourage you along the way.  We don’t dictate what you do, but we support you in making the best decisions possible.


We’ve been taking care of kids in Central Texas for 2 decades and we’re not going anywhere.  You can count us to be with you, every step of the way.  We are your neighbors and our reputation in our community is extremely important to us.  If we need to make something better, we listen and make changes when we can.


Southwest Pediatrics is committed to providing a comprehensive menu of services over and above routine pediatric care.  The cornerstone of pediatrics is wellness and prevention, and we are very proud of how we deliver well child care.  Over and above wellness, however, we want to be your home for lactation services and care for chronic issues such as asthma, allergies and ADHD.  We want to be your first call for concerns about your child’s behavior and development, academic concerns and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.  We care about your child as a whole person, not just if they’re up to date on their shots.

Just Right

We’re aiming for that Goldilock’s “just right” size and feel.  We are big enough to provide a wide range of services and after-hours care, but small enough that you will be recognized by our staff.  We don’t share call with other offices and if you call after hours, you will always talk with a Southwest Pediatrics provider.  You will always see your doctor for well checks.  However, if you need to see another provider after hours or if your provider is unavailable, we make it a point to share critical information with each other.  We have an excellent Electronic Health Record that makes communication much more effective.

Evidence Based Care

All of our doctors and nurse practitioner are extremely well trained and certified.  We adhere to the highest medical and ethical standards and maintain our licenses and certifications through continuing medical education.  We do our best to make decisions based both on experience and the most current research and recommendations, and then right-size the decisions for the family and child in partnership with parents.

Easy Access

You can reach a provider at Southwest Pediatrics 24/7/365 from wherever you are. We understand that kids don’t pay attention to doctor’s hours when they decide to get sick or hurt. Our office has extended hours for in-person visits until 8 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 8 to noon. Telemedicine visits are available every day. A board-certified doctor or nurse practitioner is always on call, even when the office is closed. You can reach out to your doctor via the patient portal for non-urgent questions or discussions.