Recently the recommendations for what & when we serve infants as they are starting solid foods have changed drastically.  The major change involves the importance of earlier introduction of potentially allergenic foods in order to REDUCE the risk of food allergy.  Research strongly supports this significant change.  We have a new handout in the handout section of this website (  that details these options, but here are a few high points:

  • solids can be started as young as 4 months of age
  • highly allergenic foods such as nut, egg and fish are recommended to be among the earliest foods you give – we shouldn’t wait until 12 months to start
  • children with moderate to severe eczema need to talk with their pediatrician first before exploring highly allergenic foods
  • no raw honey should be given until after 12 months of age
  • proceed at your child’s pace in terms of variety and texture with general goals outlined in the handout

Please feel free to ask any questions about these changes at your next well child exam.  We would love to explore the best choices for your child with you.  Bon Appetit!